Second Amendment Victory For Elderly Couple Who Both Shot Would-Be Robber

A couple who lives in Hemet Ca. decided that they were not going to become victims of a home robbery and defended their house and each other. Career criminal Dechawn Wallace is accused of breaking into the home of Jeff Sagmeister and his wife who we do not have a first name for. Wallace was met by Mr. Sagmeister who at first hesitated to open fire which unfortunately, was a mistake. Wallace immediately pounced on Mr. Sagmeister and a struggle for the gun was on. Mr. Sagmeister said,

“I really wanted to hurt this guy, I really did. That lowlife was in our house and he shouldn’t be in here. We’re really fighting for the gun”.

Mr. Sagmeister did receive a few bruises as you can see in the picture and video.

As Mr. Sagmeister fought for the gun it did go off hitting the wall ‘behind the toilet’.
Mr. Sagmeister said,

“the only thing I thought to myself was if he takes this gun away from me, he was going to kill me”.

Via CBS News Los Angeles,

“Wallace tried to run out at that point not realizing Mrs. Sagmeister was also armed.
“When he came out, he nailed her in the face as hard as he could,” he said. The couple held their ground and both opened fire. “I shot him at least three or four more times in the chest area,” Sagmeister said.

“Wallace ended up getting away. But he was arrested when he showed up at Moreno Valley Hospital for treatment of his gunshot wounds. Sagmeister is glad he was caught and is now telling the neighbors in his senior community that if they don’t want to become victims, they should consider arming themselves. 

“You just have to do it because you can’t let some creep come in here and wail on you,” Sagmeister says, “and take all your stuff.”
“Wallace was treated for his wounds and taken to county jail. Police said he was on parole at the time of the burglary and has an extensive record of violent crime.”

This is another great second amendment story of a couple who refused to become victims. When sh*t hit the fan they made the choice to survive and if it wasn’t for their guns, they most likely would have been dead. I am sick and tired of liberals trying to take away our gun rights. In the wake of the mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, it is nice to hear of a positive pro-gun story. Also, it was nice to hear Mr. Sagmeister give advice to his fellow seniors in his community telling them that they should ‘arm themselves’.

This elderly couple proved that guns are a necessity, especially in the sanctuary state of California, where Governor Jerry Brown puts criminals above it’s citizens. He has commuted sentences and released what he considers to be low level criminals back into society over the years since he was elected. All I can say is thank goodness that the Sagmeisters were armed.

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