Sen. Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim At Fellow Democrats “I Am Not Afraid To Fight” CHGA S1 EP 7

Conservative Humor Gone Awry’s character, leftist Wiz Monty, reads a tweet by Senator Elizabeth Warren. In case you didn’t know, Warren is Wiz’s self-proclaimed ‘bestie’ but has never met or had any contact with the Senator. Episode 7 is full of Wiz’s temper tantrums while battling Mr. Executive and taking jabs at P. J. Shine. Enjoy the video and if you like what you’re seeing, please don’t hesitate to hit the bell and subscribe to our channel. Thank you for your support. 

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I am a Conservative American. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I am a Patriot who is fighting the lies of the phony Media and Liberals by calling out their bullsh*t and poking fun at it.