Sen. Schumer Asks Fmr. Pres. Bush To Release Judge Kavanaugh’s Records — NO KIDDING!

The fight to get President’s Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court rages on. Liberals are losing their minds over the fact that really can’t stop the process and are doing everything in their power to dig up dirt on the nominee. They most likely have all of the liberal propaganda outlets (AKA The Fake News Media) working overtime trying to take Judge Kavanaugh down.

Anyone President Trump would have picked was going to receive a rectal exam, courtesy of the haters. If President Trump would have nominated a leftist judge from the Ninth Circuit, liberals would have been doing the same thing that Senator Chuck Schumer did. Yes, he had the balls to write former President George Walker Bush to whine and beg for the presidential records from the time Judge Kavanaugh served. Yes, really! Could you imagine Senator Mitch McConnell asking President Obama for presidential records? He would never give the information, he would tell Mitch to go and you get the picture. Via The Washington Examiner,

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., sent a letter to former President George W. Bush on Friday calling on him to authorize the release of records stemming from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s time working in the White House.

“Schumer’s request of Bush is the latest escalation in the dispute between Senate Republicans and Democrats over the disclosure of documents related to Kavanaugh’s time working for Bush, and specifically those pertaining to his time as staff secretary.

“You have been an advocate of transparency regarding your presidential records, and you have previously taken steps to make portions of your library’s collection of White House documents more available to the public,” Schumer wrote to Bush. “I believe that making Judge Kavanaugh’s complete record is consistent with your commitment to transparency and is strongly in the public interest.”

The Washington Examiner took to their official Twitter Page to tweet this story,

“Chuck Schumer asks George W. Bush to release Kavanaugh’s White House records”

As of now, the tweet did not receive a lot of attention. However, we did find some users who apparently took liberties with Senator Schumer’s request, like user Richard Paul who tweeted,

“Chucky – Here’s the deal. You send us Hillary’s 33K missing emails and you can even get the judges grade school report cards.”

User TeamTrump #AmericaFirst tweeted,

“Sure, Chuck. Bush can release those when Obama releases his school transcripts that are sealed and real long form birth certificate”

User Gary J. Palys did not hold back and gave the Senator a piece of his mind and scorched him by tweeting,

“You’re fu*king pathetic @SenSchumer! Have at it…”

User Texas Town Crier tweeted,

“The 43rd president said Trump made an “outstanding decision” in selecting Kavanaugh, who he called a “brilliant jurist.” Schumer just obstructing.”

It is amazing what the liberals and the phony news media will do to try and wreck President Trump’s nominee. They don’t care about “Making America Great Again.” From the time then-candidate Trump took the stage they have had it in for him. The American people are going to show these damn fools come November that they have been screwing with the wrong people and are going to pay the price at the voting polls. Just like when they awoke and could not come to the reality that crooked Hillary lost, they are going to get the same dose of medicine except on a larger scale.

What do you think about Senator Schumer asking the former President Bush to release the records on Judge Kavanaugh? Do you think Schumer is full of crap? Leave a comment and let us know.

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