Senator Chris Murphy Tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper It’s Not The ‘WHO Or Chinas’ Fault For The Crisis — It’s President Trumps

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has taken the side of the World Health Organization and China when it comes to the coronavirus crisis. He’d rather not blame China for the virus or the WHO’s failure to properly report statistics. Both have been accused of not being forthcoming with the truth. 

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper he put the blame squarely on the President. He said, 

“The reason that we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did, is not because of anything the WHO [World Health Organization] did. It’s because of what this President did.”

Trump’s War Room Twitter account shared a clip of what Murphy said,

“Despite its coronavirus lies, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy says China is blameless: “The reason that we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did'”

Hearing what Murphy said, you’d think he is either naïve, stupid, ill-informed, or all three. Also, it is ridiculous that CNN is airing this kind of garbage without challenging the Senator’s position. Serveral people responded to the tweet, like Mike Novak,

“There is no one more qualified to be a Democrat senator than Chris Murphy, and he proves it every single day with insane comments like “China…good, Trump…bad”. I feel so sorry for the citizens of Connecticut.”

Veteran For Trump tweeted,

“@ChrisMurphyCTThis Senator is an idiot. How do these ignorant sheep get elected? This moron needs to be voted out for making such asinine comments. CNN is sucking his D no doubt after hearing him say this bullshit. Wake up people. Vote these IDIOTS out of our Govt.”

The Ambivalent Warrior tweeted,

“Quite literally parroting Chinese Communist Party talking points verbatim. This isn’t left versus right…CNN has legitimately become a foreign agent.

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