Senator Marco Rubio Mocks Nancy Pelosi By Telling Her What He’s Prepared To Offer If She’ll ‘Stop Holding Aid For Small Business Hostage’ — Rubio said he would give her all the ice cream in his freezer if she would ‘fund small business and stop holding them hostage’

Senator Marco Rubio is willing to make a deal with Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she’ll fund small business. He claims that she has taken them hostage. Recently, Republicans tried to wrangle an additional $250 billon dollars for the small-business-program. Unfortunately, they failed.

This did not sit well with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who took a few shots at both Pelosi and Schumer.

Via The Hill, 

“This morning, the program ran out of money and shut down, just as we’d warned. But even now, Senate Democrats are still blocking funding. Every Senate Republican was ready to act today, but Democrats would not let us reopen the program,” McConnell said on the floor, referring to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). 

“It is surreal to see Democratic leaders treat support for workers and small businesses as something they need to be goaded into supporting. This should be above politics,” McConnell added. “I hope our colleagues come around soon.” 

They only way they will ever come around is if you give them something.

The Speaker recently appeared on the “Late, Late Show.” She talked about how she loved consuming as much ice cream and candy as possible. In the background, was her top of the line freezer. 

This drew criticism from Conservatives and the President’s new Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany who said, Via Daily Mail,

“‘You have Nancy Pelosi who is standing in front of her expensive ice cream refrigerator on late-night television while you have President Trump in the White House – I’m with him – in the Oval Office working tirelessly for the American people.'”

Rubio must have found out about Nancy’s love of ice cream. He made a video with a proposal and mocked her,

“So I hear Speaker Pelosi really likes ice cream? Here is what I am willing to do if she will stop holding aid for #SmallBusiness hostage”

The President is working 24/7 for the people. Senator Rubio was right to mock her. The best thing Nancy can do for the American people, is resign immediately! 

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