Tomi Lahren Has Had Enough Of Former First Lady Michelle Obama And Takes Her Down With Multiple Tweets

Former First Lady Michelle Obama hit the road on a ten-city tour to promote her new book “Becoming.” Michelle started her tour with her billionaire friend Oprah Winfrey and has done various interviews including the “Today” show. In her book, Michelle talks about how she is bitter towards President Trump because he challenged her husband’s citizenship. She never forgave him for the incident. According to the propaganda network CNN,

In “Becoming,” Michelle Obama reveals a number of personal details, among them that she “stopped even trying to smile” during President Trump’s inauguration and that she’ll never forgive Trump for the birther movement he led questioning her husband’s citizenship. But what is just as interesting to me is how she lays bare the Obamas’ struggle with infertility and the overwhelming sense of loneliness and exhaustion that accompanied being married to a man with presidential ambitions.

“Obama describes looking at political families like the Clintons and the Kennedys — families who devoted their lives to politics — and wondering if their smiles were genuine. “At home, our frustrations began to rear up often and intensely,” she writes. “Barack and I loved each other deeply, but it was as if at the center of our relationship there were suddenly a knot we couldn’t loosen.”

“She was 38 and describes feeling “protective” of her own marriage, especially when her brother moved into the apartment they grew up in when he separated from his wife. She says she saw some of her friends’ marriages come undone because of “small problems left unattended or lapses in communication that led eventually to irreparable rifts.”

Of course, she had to tear into President Trump because that will help sell more books. One person who took liberties with Michelle’s new book is Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren. She took to her Twitter account to blast the former First Lady by tweeting,

“Michelle Obama wrote she was unable to put on a happy face and smile during President Donald Trump’s inauguration. That’s okay, we all smiled watching you and your husband vacate the White House. Bye!”

We could not agree with you more, Tomi! That was the best thing we saw in the eight years of Obama’s presidency! In an interview with ABC, Michelle tells Robin Roberts about how First Lady Melania never reached out for any advice. Via the propaganda newspaper The Washinton Post,

“When it comes to being the first lady, Melania Trump has apparently decided against the phone-a-friend option. Michelle Obama said the current FLOTUS has not reached out to her for advice, thankyouverymuch.

“During an interview that aired Sunday with ABC’s Robin Roberts, pegged to Obama’s forthcoming memoir “Becoming,” Roberts noted that Laura Bush had told her successor that she was there for her if she needed. “If you need any help, I’m a phone call away,” Bush told Obama, Roberts recalled, an offer that Obama accepted, and later extended to the woman who followed her in the East Wing, Melania Trump.

“Roberts then asked whether Trump had taken her up on the offer, and Obama’s answer was succinct: “No.”

“Not “for any help?” Roberts pressed.

“No, she hasn’t,” Obama responded.”

Who could blame Melania for not wanting anything from Michelle after all the things that have been said about her husband, especially during the 2016 campaign! Lahren continued with her takedown of Michelle and blasted her again by tweeting,

“Michelle Obama is upset Melania never asked for advice on how to be First Lady. Michelle, besides ruining school lunches what did you do?”

What do you think about Melania not reaching out to Michelle for advice? What do you think about Michelle not trying to smile at President Trump’s inauguration? Leave a comment and let us know.

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