Topless Activists Prostest And Block Waterloo Bridge

LONDON— International Women’s Day was celebrated yesterday throughout the world. The day is used to recognize women, their contributions and accomplishments. Some use the day to push their agenda, like Extinction Rebellion. Activists from their organization went topless, protested and blocked Waterloo Bridge. According to,

“The activists said they chose the location – otherwise known as The Ladies’ Bridge – because many of the welders, stonemasons and labourers that built it during the Second World War were women.

“The women taking part in the protest were topless to symbolise the vulnerability of women around the world in the face of climate breakdown, and had the words “climate rape”, “climate murder”, “climate abuse”, “climate inequality” and “climate justice” written on their bodies.”

A video clip of the event was posted to Twitter by user Stephen.

“Extinction Rebellion protesters are currently blocking Waterloo Bridge in London #InternationalWomenDay”

Several people responded, user Will Kay who tweeted,

“I thought public indecency was an offence?”

User Adewill tweeted,

“How much longer are the police going to put up with this nonsense”

User Rita Panahi tweeted, 

“These people need help, psychiatric help.”

Panahi’s tweeted also received several responses, like from user Leslie who tweeted,

“These kind of theatrics do not help your cause ladies! Kinda makes you weird and a laughing stock… but carry on!”

User Whatever tweeted,

“I think they are beyond help! Believing that, exposing your boobs in public is somehow helping women during climate change, is not just crazy, but indecent and they should be prosecuted!”

I think when activists participate in some sort of civil disobedience, it distorts their message.

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