Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Took A Dig At Former President Obama During Today’s Press Conference Because Of How Long It Took Him To Distribute Checks To People.

WASHINGTON, D.C.— If you’re going to be on the stage with President Trump during one of his press conferences, you better have your facts ready, otherwise the press can be brutal and take you down. That’s not the case for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as he participated in today’s White House briefing on the coronavirus.

Mnuchin discussed the status of the checks that will be distributed from the multi-trillion-dollar stimulus package that Congress recently passed. He said, “I previously said this would take us three weeks and I’m pleased to report that within two weeks, the first payments will be direct deposit[ed] into taxpayers’ accounts,” The Hill reported. 

Mnuchin did not stop there, he took a dig at former President Obama for the time it took him to distribute checks to people and said, Via The Hill,

“I don’t know where you’re hearing these things,” he said. “I told you this would be three weeks, I’m now committing to two weeks. We’re delivering on our commitments. The IRS, which I oversee – within two weeks, the first money will be in people’s accounts.”

“Mnuchin also said that “when Obama sent out these checks it took months and months and months.”

That’s great news for people who are in desperate need of money right now. Social distancing policies have forced millions of people out of work. The coronavirus has affected almost every industry in the United States. Some business may never open their doors again. It’s nice to know that President Trump and his administration are doing everything in their power to try and help ease the pain for us. Thank you, and thank you to all the people on the frontlines!

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