TSA Allegedly Allowed Illegal Immigrants To Fly Without Photo ID’s

TEXAS —  KFOX TV has reported that the Transportation Security Administration allegedly allowed illegal immigrants to board planes without a photo identification card. This allegedly happened at couple of airports located in the great state of Texas. According to the report, undocumented aliens who have been released from the border patrol’s custody were allowed to pass through security lines with I-862 notices. These documents have no photo and say the illegal immigrant has to appear in court. 

“These documents are easily reproduced on any type of copier or home computer,” said Shawn Moran, who is the Vice President for the National Border Patrol Council. He also said, via KFoxtv.com,

“So there’s really no way to verify that the person holding them is actually who they say they are,” he said. “We’re just concerned that the commercial transportation system could be exploited by somebody claiming to be another person.”

“The TSA denied the allegations when KFOX14 contacted them for a response.

“A Notice to Appear is not an acceptable form of primary ID at the TSA checkpoint,” a TSA spokesperson said. The TSA told KFOX14 that all travelers must have a valid form of ID, and if they don’t the TSA may verify identity in other ways. The TSA also said children 18 and under are not required to present photo ID.

“But Moran told KFOX14 he believes the TSA is trying to backtrack.

“I don’t think they’re telling the truth,” he said. “Our agents are sworn law enforcement officers and have said they are willing to go on the record and testify before Congress if we need to in any type of investigation. I think the TSA is trying to sweep this under the rug because they realize they’ve made a grave mistake.”

“KFOX14 asked Moran if he knows who is paying for the illegal immigrants’ flights.

“The source of their funding for the tickets, we are unaware of,” he said. “We don’t know if it’s the government providing it, or if it’s their own money.”

There should be an investigation to look into this matter. This is unacceptable! Thousands of people legally pass through TSA lines every day and show proper identification, there should be no exceptions! Our safety should never be compromised! Never forget 9/11!!!!

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