Twitter Disciplines James Woods Again By Suspending & Locking Him Out Of His Account.

Super patriot James Woods has been suspended once again by the social media platform known as Twitter. The blacklisted actor made his return to the platform several months ago after serving a lengthy suspension. They said he violated their “rules against abusive behavior.” Woods had tweeted a quote that said, “If you try to kill the King, you better not miss.” “#HangThemAll.”

Woods is known for going after Hollywood elitists, the media and the democrats, so he is bound to find himself in hot water. A tweet by his girlfirend Sara Miller, informed followers of Woods’ latest suspension,  

“So @RealJamesWoods has been locked out of his account again for sharing “intimate media” of a drunk, naked, puking politician. His response: “Twitter is, of course, protecting Andrew Gillum because no one should ever know how vile these Democrat scum truly are.” #FreeJamesWoods”    

Woods said in the tweet that earned him his suspension, “Just remember, this could have been Florida’s governor in the midst of the #WuhanCoronaVirus pandemic. Make sure you vote #Republican in November like your life depends on it. Because it does. #Trump2020Landslide.”

Former Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum who was a rising star in the Democratic party has recently gone to rehab for what has been described as ‘alcohol addiction’ after he was found by police to be ‘inebriated’ in a Miami Beach hotel room. Woods has gone after the disgraced politician several times in the past tweeting,“Because #AndrewGillum, rolling naked in his own puke while getting cornholed by a male escort, would have been preferable? #CNN #NeverWasteACrisis.” Woods also tweeted, 

“I look at this picture of Andrew Gillum and it breaks my heart. You can see the kindness in his face, in his eyes. He even has a kind chin. The kind male prostitutes set their balls on.”

Several people responded to Sara Millers’ tweet about him being suspended, like Mary Walberg who tweeted,

“This is absolutely ridiculous!!! That was NOTHING!!! I can’t tell you how many VULGAR tweets I see, on a daily basis, and these ppl are never locked out or suspended from their Twitter accounts…and they are Liberal… @Twitter reverse this pls. #FreeJamesWoods”

Kari Romoser tweeted,

“@jack WTH!? The stuff you just let slide on that other side CONSTANTLY… is mind blowing!!! And it is worse. Step down. Freedom of speech is real. MAN UP… or is that in question?!? You’re manhood!#freejameswoods @RealJamesWoods”

EmmeSummerlin tweeted,

“Who took the picture?  Was James Woods at the hotel that night?  Who was the first to post the picture all over social media? James Woods was not guilty of any of the above.  Thought Twitter was under new management.  What happened…seems like the same crap.”

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