Twitter User Asked, “How are you such a di*k?” — James Woods Annihilates Him

Actor James Woods took a moment to give a boost to the Twitter user, Amazing World, who shared a pic of a woman celebrating her 102 birthday. In the picture, a lady is seen holding a sign that reads, “I am 102 years old today and today is my party! Please share so I get over 102 likes.” Amazing World wished her a Happy Birthday by tweeting,

“Wow! Happy Birthday!!”

This caught the eye of actor James Woods who decided to share the tweet with his followers,

“How about 102,000 likes?”

Now, Mr. Woods is no stranger when it comes to dealing with liberals. Many times he has smacked the crap out of them on his page, but today was extra special. Twitter user Jon Edwin thought it would be a good idea to go up against the king of comebacks and paid the price when he tweeted,

“how are you such a DICK?”

This did not sit will with Mr. Woods or his followers. They did not appreciate Mr. Edwin getting political on a tweet that had nothing to do with politics. Mr. Woods bestowed an #INSTABLOCK on Mr. Edwin and annihilated him by tweeting,

“Why? You hungry for one? #INSTABLOCK”

Mr. Woods is right, you’re wrong, and you are out of here, Mr. Edwin! User M J C 27 had some advice for Mr. Edwin and let him know by tweeting,


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Yes, that would be a smart move. Every time the liberals try and lay one on Mr. Woods, they find out the hard way that ain’t going to work. User Esperanza Everson tweeted,

“Oh my goodness!! Best response ever!!”

User RitZien takes pleasure in watching Mr. Woods scorching the snowflakes and tweeted,

“It really is therapeutic watching @RealJamesWoods scorching snowflakes.”

User Sandra spoke very highly of Mr. Woods when she tweeted,

“James Woods is THE most respected actor ever!!!!!!!!!! Plus he is one of the few actors who is REALISTIC! I will forever respect him @RealJamesWoods p.s he also adores animals”

User John Lavoie tweeted,

“Jon seems you are the Dick.”

User 4reallyandtruly thanked Mr. Woods by tweeting,

“This made me laugh…. Your so clever your response spot on I never would have thought of that…. anyway thanks for the laugh.”

User Tiredofthelies called Mr. Woods a patriot and tweeted,

“Mr. Woods has actually shown himself to be quite the patriot. If you are a leftist who hates America of course you are going to hate him.”

User Dan Ritter tweeted,

“Love the #INSTABLOCK!! Hahahaha…awesome!”

We love to watch him use the #INSTABLOCK too! We also think Mr. Edwin’s tweet is out of line. Mr. Woods’ tweet had nothing to do with politics and Mr. Edwin was being an opportunist and selfish when he launched his baseless attack. Mr. Edwin proves that the left is so pissed off at anyone who supports Conservatives or President Trump that they will attack at every opportunity. Thank goodness that Mr. Woods is witty and a quickdraw and was able to serve Mr. Edwin a taste of his own medicine.

What do you think about Mr. Edwin’s nasty tweet? Do you think that Mr. Woods put Mr. Edwin in his place? Leave a comment to let us know.

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