VIDEO: Of Alleged Terrorist Akayed Ullah Detonating Himself Outside Subway Train In New York City

New York: A terrorist identified as Akayed Ullah from Bangladeshi who was inspired by ISIS set off a “low tech device” in a subway passageway. Akayed Ullah ‘apparently had no direct contact with the [ISIS] terrorist group’. At least 4 people have been injured.

“The explosion was reported about 7:30 a.m., during morning rush hour at the U.S.’ largest bus terminal.”

Akayed Ullah, who is 27-years-old, received burns to his hands and abdomen after setting off the “low tech device.” Ullah was taken to a hospital and has ‘non-life-threatening injuries’. New York City Alerts tweeted a photo of the Akayed being loaded into an ambulance.

Ullah, according to ABC New York, worked ‘as an electrician, but he has worked as a taxi driver in the past’.

A spokesperson from TLC  issued the following statement:

“I can confirm that the individual held a TLC For-Hire Vehicle Driver’s License from March 2012 through March 2015, at which time it lapsed and was not renewed. As taxi and for-hire vehicle drivers are independent contractors and not employees, I unfortunately have no way of knowing whether he drove for any particular base, or whether he simply got the license but didn’t drive at all. That said, since he held an FHV license, if in fact he did drive, we do know that it could not have been a yellow taxi.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted,
“.@POTUS has been briefed on the explosion in New York City”

Once again we have someone from another country who was given an opportunity of a lifetime and they give us the middle finger and try to kill innocent Americans. Thank goodness this bastard did not kill anyone today.

He needs to be interrogated thoroughly, then executed! There is no place in America for people who want to come here and harm us. We need to continue to tighten up our security measures, that’s why we 100% support President Trump’s travel ban. The President is right on this issue and we are grateful that we have his strong leadership.

Sources AP and ABC News

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