Video: Bill Kristol “THIS IS WAR” After FBI Raided Trump’s Attorney’s Office

Commentator Bill Kristol is not in the tank for President Trump. You may even say he’s a never Trumper. So, today when he said on CNN that “this is war” over special counsel Robert Muller using the FBI to raid the office of Trump’s attorney, we’re taking his warning seriously! We don’t know why the FBI went after President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, other than looking for any crime! Twitter users from both sides weighed in after the propaganda channel, CNN tweeted,

“This is war.” @BillKristol says he thinks the FBI raiding Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s office “shows that we are very close now to the end game” regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation”

[If you don’t have a Twitter account and want to see the video, we have it below]

User Lawrence Polyakov told CNN good luck knowing that Mueller just raided the President’s lawyer’s office for no good reason and tweeted,

“Good luck convincing the American people mueller isn’t acting like a corrupt vengeful prosecutor who has gone well outside his mandate of Russian collusion. Lawyers are pretty protected and Mueller just raided the presidents lawyers office for no good reason.”

User Steph H realizes that CNN is just after any kind of negative story about Pres. Trump and tweeted,

“So you know that they go from one hysterical story with no proof to another. Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, racism and bigotry, mentally unfit, consensual sexual relationships. An obvious agenda fueled by hatred to oust a fairly elected president”

User Steve Bussey thinks it is the end of the bloodless coup and tweeted,

“Very close to the endgame of the deep state bloodless coup – shameful.”

User Bigape32 likes watching liberals salivate all over themselves and tweeted,

“I absolutely adore seeing desperate and pathetic liberals salivate all over themselves over fake news bread crumbs that always turn out to be nothing burgers within 24 hours. It’s been 17 months and they still are hanging on a thread of fake hope about Russia.”

User Political Cheeze thinks that Mueller is reaching for straws and tweeted,

“War? This is nothing but Special Council Mueller reaching for straws; FBI window dressing and political theater.”

User Lindsay Williams believes Mueller is scum and tweeted,

“Mueller is a part of corrupt FBI this guy is scum”

User Laughing Hyena must have drank a double dose of the extra special kind of stupid Kool-Aid, and tweeted,

“Trump has so many lawyers that I am sure he does not remember which one is responsible for which cover up.!”

User Kelvis Fredericks, like a lot of us, is wondering why Hillary has not had her ass locked up yet and tweeted,

“Why isn’t Hillary in jail yet? And this Russia thing is still being talked about? I thought that was all BS? Wasn’t it debunked?”

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