Video: “Why the f**k are you supporting Trump?” — African American Bullied In Starbucks By A Guy Who’s Triggered By His MAGA Hat

With 12 days left until the midterm elections take place, it has liberals going absolutely crazy. They are proving every day that they are the ones who are intolerant of other people’s views. An unknown African American man wearing a MAGA hat was approached by an unknown white male while he was in Starbucks. Apparently, the hat triggered the white male. and he got right up in the African American’s face and was talking trash.

In the video, the African American man is seen talking on his phone and says, “what’s wrong with my hat?” The white male can be heard saying, “why do you support Trump?” “Why the f**k are you supporting Trump.” The African American male says, “what’s wrong with me supporting Trump?” The white male gets even angrier and says a few things that we were unable to make out due to background noise. The African American man says “I’m not taking off my f**king hat.” The white male gets pissed off and then physically removes the MAGA hat from the African American man’s head and throws it onto the floor.

That is where the video cuts off.

Pop Singer Kaya Jones caught wind of the video and posted it to her Twitter account and said,

“This is wrong! When has wearing a hat offended so many people? Wear your hat the country is behind you. Can someone find out who this attacker is? please! #maga @realdonaldtrump @DonaldJTrumpJr”

Jones tweet was picked up by Candace Owens who is the Communications Director for Turning Point USA. She was none too happy with what she saw. Owens tweeted,

“This is absolutely horrendous. Black Americans are being chased and bullied out of restaurants because liberals don’t believe that we deserve a piece of the American dream too. Not a single liberal will condemn this, I can almost guarantee you.”

Several users responded to both tweets like user Jimmy Rego who tweeted,

“His only mistake was going into a Starbucks. If this isn’t over a MAGA hat it would be all over CNN as a racial attack.”

User Martha Machado tweeted,

“They should find out if the restaurant has cameras. That guy should have charges against him, the restaurants allowed this they should have some kind of consequence.”

Kaya replied to Candace’s tweet saying,

“It really is. Americans need to rise up and not allow this. Why didn’t anyone speak? It’s exactly what they did to you and Charlie. Disgraceful”

User John Kent Wilson thinks that everybody in Starbucks should have stood up shoulder to shoulder and tweeted,

“Everyone in the restaurant should’ve step up and stood shoulder to shoulder with the great American wearing his hat proudly! This kind of behavior is pathetic and is what angers me the most about the left. They totally ignore this behavior when it’s one of there own! Despicable”

User Diane Jenkins tweeted,

“As an American I’m disgusted by the rudeness shown this man over his hat. When did this jerk become the hat policeman for this Starbucks? Where are the decent human beings standing up for this man and his hat to wear what he wants?”

Do you think the African American male should press charges? Leave a comment and let us know.

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