Video: ‘Good Samaritan’ ROBS 74-year-old Widow Of $2.00, NO KIDDING!

Harlem New York: When you hear the words ‘Good Samaritan’ the first thing that comes to mind is a person willing to go above and beyond to help. Well, that is not the case in this story. A 74-year-old woman is the victim of a crime that most of us don’t think would happen.

Betsy Brady was carrying her groceries into her building when an unidentified man posing as a Good Samaritan offered her some help. Brady said, “thank you several times, ‘Oh, thank you very much for the help.” She can be seen on video with the man carrying her some of her groceries entering the elevator. When the elevator starts to go up, this is where the good samaritan imposter makes his move. Via CBS New York,

“I was just about to ask him what floor and he said, ‘no don’t make any noise just give me your money,’” Brady said. “I said I don’t really have any money.”

“She said the suspect then grabbed her purse, rummaging for cash but found nothing. Instead, Brady gave him $2 from her pocket so he’d back off.

“I just knew there was nothing more I could do about this,” she said. “I had two singles in the pockets of my coat and I gave it to him and he left.”

“The widowed mother of two lives alone and just moved into the building a month ago.

“I do know when I went to the store yesterday I was looking behind me at everyone,” she said. Brady says she will also be keeping a closer eye on who is behind her when she comes home at night.

“The suspect is described by police as a black man between the ages of 45 and 50, about 5’8″ to 5’10” tall and between 200 and 220 pounds with a mustache. He was wearing glasses, a tan/mustard colored hoodie and a multicolored hat.”

This man proves he is coward and a menace to the civil society! He prayed on an innocent elderly widow who was happy thinking she was going to receive some help. When this coward is caught, they need to make sure he pays the price! There is no excuse for what he did! Can you say KARMA?!

What should be the punishment? Let us know after you watch the video.

Source CBS New York

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