Watch Democrat Rep. Moulton Use Analogy To Compare Abortions Funded By Taxpayers To Paying For Our Troops.

Congressman Seth Moulton who Represents the 6th congressional district in Massachusetts made an appearance on the propaganda cable network CNN. He was asked for his opinion about Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s support for the Hyde Amendment. Moulton answered,

“I think he should change his position. I think its wrong. It disproportionately attacks women who don’t have the private means to afford an abortion. And it’s sort of like saying, you know I support the troops but I don’t want to pay them That’s the analogy here and I think it’s wrong.”

Anchor Alisyn Camerota said, 

“but on the flip side, the public polling is more where he is. The position of the public polling is more where he is then where you are because people who don’t believe in abortion don’t want their taxpayer dollars to fund them”.

Moulton replied,

“leadership is not following the polls, it’s changing public opinion to do the right thing. That’s what leadership is all about and that’s what we should expect out of our next President.” 

Anchor John Berman asked, 

“Do you think that a politician can be fully pro-choice and support the Hyde Amendment at the same time?”

Moulton doubled down on his analogy and said,

“It’s in my opinion, no. Because it’s like I said, it’s like saying you support the troops but you don’t want to pay them. You support a womans right to an abortion but you don’t think we should fund those who can’t afford themselves and that’s just wrong. So, this is a place where we need to change public opinion. I think a better way to put it is, leaders don’t follow polls, polls follow leaders.”

RNC Research picked up on Moulton’s interview and tweeted, 

“Democrat 2020 candidate compares supporting tax payer funded abortions to paying US troops”

There were several responses to Moulton’s analogy, like user Mrs. Dr. Williams who tweeted,

“Unbelievably ignorant comparison.”

User Denise tweeted,

“Do these nut job liberals listen to what they say”

User Deborah Baldwin did not hold back when she tweeted in all caps,


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