Watch Geraldo Rivera Scream at CPAC Audience While getting owned by Dana Loesch In Gun Control Debate

Sean Hannity has been broadcasting live from CPAC the last few nights. Hannity had a panel last night which included Geraldo Rivera, Dana Loesch, Dan Bongino, and Katie Pavlich. The panel was discussing gun control and the debate quickly heated up between Loesch and Rivera. Loesch said,

“The NRA has a school shield program that has reinforced and hardened schools, 150 schools across the county. Now one of the things you would ask Geraldo is about age restrictions. Sutherland Springs murder was 27 years old. Are you telling everyone here that you think that making this guy wait a few years is going to change his psychosis”?

Rivera fired back and said,

“I am telling you that Saturday night I sat this close to the President of the United States who described to me the nature of the wounds of those children in that hospital. He was so deeply impressed and moved and troubled so he has now adopted this juvenile assault weapons ban as part of his program. We need to do something. It won’t solve the problem, but if the NRA doesn’t want to be on the junk heap of history, will adopt this modest reform.”

Loesch fired back and said,
“That spin is one of the reasons that Dan and I at NRA” and then it happened, Rivera cut her off  and yelled at the audience saying,

“You want to do nothing? Do you want to just do nothing? Just leave it the way it is?”

Loesch fired back again and said,

“Do you want a solution or do you want to scream”?

Not doubt that Rivera lost his cool on the issue of gun control. Loesch got under his skin and took his ass to school. He was way out of line. The debate continued on as you can see in the video with Rivera going back-and-forth with Conservative commentator Dan Bongino.

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