Watch Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Admit He Spoke Off The Record With A Foreign Leader

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden (D) seemed to have no problem admitting that he spoke with a foreign leader probably about two weeks ago. In an interview with NBC News Biden said, “With regard to speaking to foreign leaders I haven’t spoke with a foreign leader in the last probably two weeks.” He was asked, “who was the last foreign leader that you spoke with? Did you talk about the coronavirus at all?” Biden replied, “I talked about how it affected their country but no, it was an off the record discussion I had, so I’m not going to indicate who.” 

We should know who he has been talking to and should have transcripts of the call. We need to know if he promised them anything. We need to know if he was promised anything. This is information that the American people have a right to know. If he promised something and he was to win the presidency and delivered on that promise, we might need articles of impeachment drawn up! 

The president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton caught wind of the video clip on Twitter and shared it, asking his followers if the former Vice President violated the “Logan Act.”

Serveral people responded, like Mike Sieron who tweeted, 

“Who’d be stupid enough to collude with this dolt? He doesn’t know Monday from Tuesday, his wife from his daughter, or which end is up…just to name a few”

Cheri tweeted,

“Which Foreign Leader? Biden needs to be transparent and say, who it was and why. What did they discuss? Again, WHY?”

Sean Neven tweeted,

“NOBODY should be talking to any foreign leaders except Trump, his cabinet and our ambassadors. Biden is not even a US official.”

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