Watch Raw Video Of Woman CURSING OUT NFL Players for Kneeling. [Warning Foul Language]

The National Football League’s 2017 season is over, but the controversy when it comes to players who kneeled during the national anthem is not. People are still pissed that these spoiled millionaires had the audacity to kneel during what most consider, a sacred moment.

So, when an unknown woman that is in this video had a chance to express her views, she did not hold back. The unknown woman pulled up in her truck and gave Seattle Seahawks football players Neiko Thorpe and Big Mike an earful. She blasted them with foul language left and right. She threw everything in but the kitchen sink. Warning foul language used in the video. [If you don’t use Twitter see video below.] Neiko Thorpe tweeted,
“Sound up”

In the video the unknown woman said,

“Stand up and be a man. You get on your little f**king knees and not represent the American flag. I’m not telling you my f**king name. F**k off! I don’t care who you are! All I care about is the fact that my tax dollars pay for you to play and go f**king play and get off your f**king knees.”

This woman absolutely gave them a piece of her mind. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to have that chance. Twitter users chimed in and here is what a few of them had to say. User Cooper Thompson @TaxedThoughts thinks that the unknown women views were based on racism and tweeted to user Jeff Cook,

“This woman’s views are stupid and most likely based in racism, but In Seattle tax dollars did pay for the stadium so to an extent tax dollars have allowed the Seahawks players to play. I think the tax payers contributed about $300 million to the project.”

Twitter user Darnell Mason chimed in as well and tweeted,

“FYI tax dollars pay for stadiums all over America.. those citizens voted for the tax one forced them too.if they voted no..who gets stuck with the bill? ..mad at the players cause you were talked into to paying for a billion dollar stadium by a billionaire.”

One user just wants to see football and not see players taking a stance. Gary Harmor @rolltideman1974 tweeted,

“I agree NOBODY wants to see yalls political stance. we watch football to forget about the BS.”

It is a shame that it has come down to this. National Football League players back in the day did not pull this kind of crap. People can’t stand the blatant disrespect to the millions who gave their lives so we may have the opportunity to live in this beautiful land. It is going to be up the NFL owners to solve this problem and until then, they can get used to the backlash. People are tuning out and are no longer attending the games and that is going to continue until they stop.

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