Welfare Recipients film themselves LAUGHING while attempting to pay with TAXPAYER FUNDED EBT grocery card at restaurant

Ever wonder where your hard earned tax dollars go? Well, look no further. While surfing the internet today, I came across a video that shows where some people attempted to spend that money. Some unidentified welfare recipients thought it might be a good idea to go to a restaurant and order some hot meals on the taxpayer. The only problem was that the restaurant does not accept EBT food cards.

EBT cards are paid for by the taxpayer and given to lower income and welfare recipients. Most of the states that issue the cards only allow them to be used at grocery stores, not restaurants. What makes my blood boil is they went to pay for their meals and gave the waitress the EBT card. While they were waiting for the waitress to return they can be seen and heard laughing while some malcontent is filming.

When the waitress returns and says, ‘we don’t take EBT cards’ the welfare recipients start laughing even harder. This was not funny! This is what’s wrong with this country! Under the Obama administration, this kind of abuse grew big-time! These malcontents have no respect for the taxpayer and do not give a sh*t about where the money comes from.

Also, I think they totally disrespected the waitress. Instead of laughing and making fun of the working-class, these pieces of crap need to go out and get a job and stop leeching off the taxpayer! I hope President Trump is able to push for some kind of welfare reform because this kind of crap cannot continue! Those ladies, from what I can tell, looked very capable of working and should not be on welfare.

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